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A 2D simulation game with references to Papers, Please and Beastars. Our starting points were the "hospital under the pandemic" and "moral choices". But we didn't want to create a solid emotional experience or express a point of view. We wanted to create scenarios where a relatively essential but small person in a severe disaster is faced with some choices, but not difficult ones. You will encounter the classic choice: "work, love, morality, justice".

I was the lead programmer in the game, oversaw the development of each level.

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My Story

Dialogue system so that designers can import text through csv files.

Computer functionality and database.

Shopping Shopping

         I undertake the work of gameplay programmer, responsible for all the game mechanics and implemented controller input system using Unity's new Input system.


A grid-based strategy game, created during a 48-hour game jam.

I worked as a programmer in a team of 4, implemented all the game mechanics.


You are driving a jalopy which is nearly broken, so you need to repair the particular part to handle the coming road condition during the driving. Try to drive as long as you can and don't let the jalopy out of control!

I was the only programmer in the team, implemented all the game mechanics.

French Kiss:

A simple rhythm game about kissing a girl. Made for one-month game jam BOOOM.

I worked as a sound designer and musician.

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