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Florere Memoriae

March 2022 - June 2022

Inspired directly from the Victorian era, Florere Memoriae is a game that creates a journey of nostalgia and love using the Victorian flower language in a forest that's beautifully painted before your eyes in a style honoring the era's romantic style. With each discovery made, the forest reveals more and more of its colors, each memory relieved making new flowers bloom in the world.

It was developed within ten weeks using Unreal Engine 4. I was the only programmer in the team of six students. Throughout the project, I oversaw the implementation of all the gameplay mechanics, some of the highlights are listed below.

Interactable Items


There are two types of interactable items in the game: Objects (the player needs to collect them during the game) and Flowers. The class inheritance tree is shown in the following figure. ItemBase is the base class that other interactable items derive from. 

Logbook System

The logbook was an essential feature of our game which gave the player the opportunity of getting more information about the flowers they had collected during the game.

I designed a data structure for the plant data so that each slot in the logbook would have the variables for the data we needed (images, names and descriptions, category). 


Visual Effect

Implemented a dynamic material effect as a transition to hide the abruptness.

Obtained the PixelDepth to get the distance between the pixels of the mesh being rendered and the camera so that the generation speed is faster at the farther end than at the closer end, thus making the effect more natural.


Production - Mathew Lornie
Level / Narrative Design - Bailey Sabin
Gameplay Design - Yuxi Chen

UI Design - Harry McGuigan
3D Artist - Elena Severson
Programming - Damien He

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