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Down Current

June 2022 - August 2022

Down Current is a 3D narrative game created as part of the final assessment of MProf in Games Development at Abertay University.

It was developed within 12 weeks using Unreal Engine 4, under the mentorship from the Chinese Room.

I was the lead programmer in the team of nine masters student. My work included implementing player logic, a custom spell system, UI implementation, etc.

Player Climbing


I was responsible for the implementation of the climbing mechanics as the designers required a flexible first-person perspective climb experience to expand player movement in vertical direction.

 I implemented the climb mechanic enable player to move horizontally and vertically, to rotate camera while climbing, and automatically climb up when reach top of the surface.

Spell Casting system

This is the player's primary mechanic. By inputting the correct button sequence the player can direct Genhu to do certain actions to purify toxic sludge areas and assist exploration. 

I implemented the structure of the system and worked on the player input end of it, leaving the specific behaviour of Genhu to the other programmer for the purpose of decoupling.


Input Device Update

Down Current is designed for both PC and Console. The player could choose keyboard and mouse, or controller when playing the game. Our design was to update specific icons and texts for different input devices, especially when the player insert a new controller during the game. So I created an event listening to input device update.

Interaction System

Implementation of the interaction system. The player can interact with objects in the scene to unlock the corresponding entries in the Journal.


Linear Dialogue System

A short text line appears at the screen's bottom half when the player interacts with the Parched (NPC). Each Parched Character has different moods and triggers different dialogue categories depending on the mood.

Level Streaming

Implemented the Level Streaming feature to load and unload maps asynchronously during splash and loading screens.



Production - John Venters
Level & Gameplay Design - Neve O'Neill
Narrative & Sound Design - Jak Knowles
Character Art - Emily Blane
Environment Art - Aaron Petherbridge & Elena Severson
Technical Art & Visual Effects - Innes White

Programming / Engineering - Linxiao "Damien" He & Mingyang "Morgan" Wang
Audio Consultants & Contractors - Avery MullenRobbie Peden, and Jan Huss

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