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Wickie: Defender of Kitties

September 2021 - December 2021

Wickie: Defender Of Kitties is a 3D strategy game created by a team of 5 students from Abertay University.

It was developed within 12 weeks using Unity. 

Lighthouse Abilities


Implemented component-based expandable ability system. As the core mechanics, player controls the lighthouse to protect ships from monsters.

The player can use the resource collected during the game to upgrade the lighthouse abilities.


World Bending Shader

Implemented an Animal Crossing style world bending shader, added according to the feedback we recieved.

Level Config

Used ScriptableObject as container to store the level configuration for each level.



Producer / Designer - Mathew Lornie
Designer - Yunfeng Ma
2D Artist - Amy Lowe
3D Artist - Manuel Sanchez Diaz
Programming - Damien He
Music - Daniel Suarez Lope

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